An Research of the Holy Battle Phenomena with regards to the Terrorist Episodes on the United States

Holy Battle: Aren’t Those Two Phrases Mutually Exclusive?

The term Holy War is virtually all connected today with terrorism by religious extremists, namely the hijackers on 9/11 and historically the Crusades. It appears as an oxymoron: How do war, the matter that brings about the worst in persons and hurts everyone, end up being holy and God-approved? With all this initial connotation, holy battle sounds like Israel’s excuse for eliminating neighbors rather than trying to get along with people. Fortunately, ancient Israel’s institution of holy war is certainly something at least somewhat less horrible than that.

edu reviews According to Deuteronomy, holy battle has very specific rules to become considered holy. Firstly, God does indeed the fighting, and any victory or achievement is related to God’s action. Phrases such as for example “when god, the father your God offers them to you” inform you that this can be an assumption underlying all the rules about holy war (Deu 7:2b). In the storyline of the Fight of Jericho in the e book of Joshua, the same thought returns in Joshua’s fight speech to the people: “Shout! For god, the father has given you the town. The city and all that's in it will be devoted to god, the father for destruction”(Jos 6:16b).