An Examination of the Specialist Ethics in the Operations of the Fraud Circumstance Study


The idea of professional ethics encompasses the organization, organizational and personal requirements of behaviors that persons from different occupation should follow (Kasher, 2005). It includes guidelines and ethical codes of carry out that govern professional behaviors. These guidelines play a substantial role in setting restrictions of what are suitable and unacceptable behaviors in a context of the profession (Kasher, 2005). It offers persons with best methods to address key ethical conditions that might arise or appear during their career voyage. This paper consequently discusses the professional ethics considering the management fraud research study. The paper will provide an in depth analysis of the circumstance by seeking to know very well what professional ethical guidelines were violated.

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Case description

This circumstance was published earliest in the Journal of accountancy article entitled Lessons from an $8 million fraud unveiled on 1st August 2014. This article describes how Mr. Nathan J. Mueller who was simply employed in the accounting section at the ING Insurance Group managed to steal a complete of $ 8.5 in several occasions from his employer within an interval of four years since 2003 up