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 Stephen Covey’s Book the 7 Behaviors Essay

In 1989, Stephen Covey's publication The six Habits of Highly Effective Persons started a landmark innovation in the way we think about as well as life management. In this book, Covey gives seven concepts for producing effectiveness inside our private and public lives. By producing these patterns, one techniques from staying dependent on other folks to getting and acting independently. In that case we discover ways to move to the greater advanced point out of interdependence and powerful cooperation. As an element of the seven habits, Covey introduces essential and effective techniques of time management within the habit of Put To begin with. (Covey 145) It is necessary to understand and practice all eight habits so the tools of your energy management may be learned and practiced in their natural environment. What I plan to do is to offer a basic review of these ideas as they were presented in order that I can provide some insight as to why you should listen to Coveys ideas. The habits are based on a lot of important rules. One such principle is that of P/PC Balance(52). L refers to production of wanted results, such as achieving a certain grade within a course. PERSONAL COMPUTER refers to production capability and also the ability to produce successful benefits. In handling our lives, we need to be careful to stability not only the productivity of the lives, yet also the talents to achieve these kinds of results. For instance , we are unable to ignore the actions which help build or maintain our health, financial situation, relationships, ability to learn etc ., in our quest to do even more, achieve more, and do all this faster and even more efficiently. Burnout is the inevitable result of imbalance! Another basic principle crucial to understand the 7 habits may be the Maturity Continuum. The 7 habits serve as a set of integrated approaches allowing for us to advance along the maturity continuum from dependence to independence to interdependence. Being dependent means that you be based upon other people to address you and the problems You take care of myself. (49) Staying...

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Stephen Covey's Book the 7
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