PSY a hundred and fifty

Module 1& 2

Writing Assignment

The Biopsychosocial approach integrates biological, psychological, and social-cultural factors. The levels of analysis differ yet compliment each other at the same time. Only these degrees of analysis will not likely show the complete picture. But together they offer a more complete understanding. For example , alcoholism could be explained employing each of the 3 levels of analysis but you can't get the total understanding with them alone. The biological degree of analysis suggests that genetic elements influence many ways a human responds to and metabolizes alcohol. Using neurological factors alone interprets to, if you have a decreased tolerance for alcohol, dependency on alcohol is inescapable. This approach suggests that a person is given birth to to be a great alcoholic because of the way their very own body grips alcohol. The psychological degree of analysis shows that mental disorders contribute to addiction to alcohol. Some people with mental disorders such as craze, anxiety, major depression, mania, paranoid delusions, and phobias may actually use liquor as a personal medication. Rebelliousness and adjustment problems are indications in children of foreseeable future alcoholism. Applying just mental factors shows that people who suffer from mental disorders are likely to turn into alcohol dependant. The social-cultural level of way suggests that the availability, cost of alcohol, alcohol make use of peers, as well as the culture of your dominant culture are contributing factors to alcoholism. Studies claim that family related factors such as parental separation, parental misuse and disregard, low cohesion, and alcohol problems amongst family members can also be factors that contributes to dependency on alcohol. The methods do not completely explain the reasons for dependency on alcohol. The biological approach by itself leads someone to believe that addiction to alcohol is not a choice. Somebody is born with alcoholism because of their genetics. The psychological approach alone potential clients someone to believe mental concerns cause alcoholism. A child who will be...


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