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Written Marketing communications

First off hiring a residence can be fiscally cheaper. As you rent you are not required to set a large down payment down. Many landlords require one month rent plus a protection deposit for almost any damages you might cause. The landlord is responsible for making sure the property taxes are paid for yearly, and any other costs that not necessarily included in your lease contract. Unless you are putting a lot of money down the majority of rental obligations are less than the usual house payment may be. Second of all, when you are booking a residence you are less likely to possess any unforeseen costs. A furnace or perhaps leaky roof top could be costly to repair. The moment renting a landlord is liable for the up keep on your property not you. There are certain regulations in place pertaining to landlords that ensure the house you are renting will probably be kept up. If you have virtually any unexpected complications all you have to do is call the property owner. Finally, when looking for a place to lease you can often find a place where lawn work is additionally the landlord's responsibility. If you are a busy person this could benefit you immensely. For not any additional charge or a little charge the lawn and parking will probably be taken care of. This can also save you money since you don't have to order expensive machines such as a garden mower or perhaps snow blower. Devoid of to worry about your yard repair can save you time and effort.

Written Marketing communications

Thesis statement:

Renting a home can mean less responsibility for the tenant.

It might be financially more affordable

-doesn't need a large deposit

-not resposnsible for additional home taxes

-can be more affordable than a house payment

Zero unexpected costs

-not responsible for repairs

-landlord is responsible for up keep

-if you have a problem you just contact landlord

No yard work

-landlord can be responsible

-don't have to buy equipment

-can save period


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