Lab Report



We will certainly interpret and explain the game of an chemical added to a solution. We can analyze reactions in different pH ranges. The starch solution will appear blue when mixed with iodine. Although after blending the chemical amylase towards the starch, the starches will be broken down in to simple sugars. Now, when the iodine is usually added, not any color change exist.

Devices and materials used:

1 . ) Dialysis bags x2

2 . ) Beakers

3. ) Test pipes

4. ) Water shower

5. ) Iodine solution

six. ) Starch solution

7. ) String x4

8. ) Dropper

9. ) Thermometer

12. ) Salty water intended for the easy utilization of the dialysis bags

Set Up:

For the experiment we all put the starch in a dialysis bag and close it up tightly with strings, in that case insert all of them into a beaker full of iodine solution For set up we all use the water bath to heat up the starch till a certain temperature, then we all pour the heated starch into another dialysis handbag, also final it up snugly then all of us put the handbag into one more iodine remedy.


The procedure intended for the first experiment:

1 ) ) Iodine solution and starch is necessary. Bring several

2 . ) Pour starch solution in to dialysis a bag (appropriate amount) and close it tightly with strings. Get them to be closed properly (without any leakedge) 3. ) Place the dialysis bag (that has got the starch inside it) into the beaker that contains the iodine solution. four. ) And observe.

The method for the other experiment:

1 ) ) Build a water bath

2 . ) Put the starch in a evaluation tube and insert that inside the drinking water bath. several. ) High temperature till 45 Degrees Celsius temperature *10 minutes

4. ) Remove the check tube and insert it into a dialysis bag

5. ) Close it up firmly as mentioned before

6. ) And see.


In the 1st experiment the starch changes its shade to darker blue/black since the iodine substances diffused in to the starch remedy changing their color. Inside the second...


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