Volume– V, Issue– 02, July-December, 2010

Complying Practices in Garment

Companies in Dhaka City




The readymade garment RMG industry in Bangladesh offers experienced an unprecedented development. over the last three decades and become a fast growing sector in Bangladesh. This industry plays a huge role in the economy in terms of export revenue, employment generation, poverty alleviation and empowering the woman. Intended for development of this kind of sector, Bangladesh needs to focus on on the manufacturer working environment, cultural issues, labor relations and compliances with codes of conduct. This paper will be based upon descriptive and inferential analysis. The newspaper suggests the improvement of factory activities through compliances and finds out an in depth relationship between compliance and productivity.


The readymade clothing (RMG) industry of Bangladesh commenced its journey in the late 1970s and within a short while of time surfaced as an essential player in the economy in terms of foreign trade earnings, employment generation, poverty alleviation and empowering of women. Bangladesh export products its RMG products primarily to the United States of America (USA) plus the European Union (EU). Garments exports from Bangladesh have been developing at an remarkable rate recently. In 2007-08 alone, the garment export earned, a list level of US$10. 7 billion dollars in 2007-08. Moreover, it accounts for above 75 percent of the country's total foreign trade earnings, gives employment nearly 5 , 000, 000 people, accounts for over 10 percent of the country's GDP, and contributes around 40% of its making output.

The prospects of RMG sector, however , in Bangladesh not simply depends on availability of cheap labor and government's liberal policy but also depends on conformity with requirements of carry out. Compliance ways to comply with some thing or 1

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yield towards the wishes of another. RMG sector of Bangladesh must improve the manufacturer working environment and various sociable issues associated with the industry. International customers are very particular about complying with rules of conduct before putting any transfer order. Poor housekeeping, storage system, useless monitoring and controlling system, disorganized production layout, deficiency of team– structured work, leased factory property, narrow staircases, closed environment, insufficient mild and surroundings, clean water, separate rinse room to get male and feminine, etc . are common practices for most of the RMG factories in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Garment Suppliers and Exporters Association(BGMEA) and Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA) set standards pertaining to compliance like factories should have alternative stairs, basic flames equipment, accepted layout prepare from worried authority pertaining to ensuring secure building development, group insurance for personnel, hygienic cleanliness facility and first aid product, as well as ensuring minimum salary and flexible careers for the employees. There are many known compliance bodies worldwide like ILO, INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG 14001, COVER, BSCI, ETI, SAI, FLA. Owners of RMG factories and govt can seek help by those systems to improve the standard of environment as well as products of theie industries. From this paper, the existing compliance techniques of RMG factories in Bangladesh, partcularly factories found in Dhaka town, are analyzed. This daily news also tries to reveal the acceptability of compliance conditions to the applied workers.

1 . 1 Objectives of Examine

The goals of the examine are as follows:

i. To supply an overview with the present compliance situation inside the garment industries in Dhaka city.

ii. To find out the acceptability of compliance conditions among the existing...

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