1- 1350, 1550- People in Italy believed the experienced rebirth of ancient Greek and roman community 2- 1300's, 1400's- City poverty elevated dramatically in Europe. 3- 1404- Christine De Pizan wrote a book called " the book of the associated with ladies” 4- 1447- The last Visconti ruler of Milan died

5- 1500- pere Julius 2 wanted Michelangelo to color the Sistine capelin limit. 6- May 5, 1527- Thousands of The spanish language troops owned by king Charles I, reached the city of Rome. 7- October 1531- War out of cash out between your protestant and catholic declares in Swiss. 8- 1776- American colonists took procedure for win flexibility from the uk. 9- 1791- Ideas of yankee and France revolutions traveled around. 10- January 1, 1804- Saint Domonigue, present-day Haiti, obtained independence. Cause, Effect and Significance-

1- 1300's, 1400's- Urban low income increased drastically in Europe. The problem is Downtown Poverty in Europe. Metropolitan poverty is a problem since that means that they are lacking man needs such as money, healthcare, food, normal water, clothing, sterilization, education, funds, etc . The effect is that in Europe, the urban poverty can mean moving into a un-safe and not incredibly healthy home. The effect of Urban lower income is, the people living in these kinds of unsafe homes, have no choice but to stay in them mainly because they no longer make much money because of urban poverty which means The european union does not help to make very much money off of these persons. The significance of urban low income is that, people are struggling frequently everyday just to live. Some even try to get away the routine of poverty and they receive labeled as criminals when their particular intentions are good. Even some kids, expand up with out a parent, or growing up in only one mother or father homes. Plus they can't seriously afford great things because of poverty. 2- 1447- The last Visconti leader of Milan died. (Filippo Maria Visconti) The problem is because of Filippo Visconti dying, that were there to get a new duke that could be a problem because everything will alter...


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