As the stock market crashed down the American economy at the outset of the 20th century, this created a tidal wave of destruction that engulfed the complete country. Sooner or later the tornado subsided in to heavy clouds that approved, leaving behind a ferocious sunlight that revealed America's upheaval into the 1930s. John Steinbeck book, The Grapes of Wrath, shows a families journey as they are forced using their farm in Depression-era Ok and set out for California along with 1000s of others. Steinbeck portrays 3 main elements that represent the difficulties " Okies" experienced during the Major depression era: oppression, dislocation, and discrimination.

The Okies had been agricultural staff trapped in an inescapable routine of oppression. One important factor was the unpredictable summer time droughts, direct sunlight flared down on the developing corn day after day until a line of darkish spread along the edge of every (Steinbeck, 3). Depleted ground also weighed heavy issues minds, the land was getting lesser. Cotton eliminates the land; robs it, sucks all the blood out of it (Steinbeck, 43). Though the climate and ground were essential issues in the famers life during the Depression, such issues were only the beginning with their journey.

The droughts and soil destruction lead to the Okies dislocation because the renter system doesn't work anymore. One man over a tractor can take the place of twelve or perhaps fourteen people. You'll have to get off the terrain (Steinbeck, 45). They were broken from the just home their particular family understood, from the property they plowed and protected. Old man had to kill the Indians, he was given birth to here, and he wiped out the weeds (Steinbeck, 45). But the Okies didn't permit the eviction from their roots dishevel them, they packed up and moved forward towards California with hope of any new life.

Discrimination strike hard when they reached California and the Okies realized that all their dream of a California your life was exactly just that, California dreaming. They were called...


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