The Ice Structure

I i am to give the model and an over-all stylistic evaluation of the short story " The Ice Palace” written by an American writer Scott Fitzgerald. Jeff Fitzgerald was one of the most well-known authors with the Jazz Age group, best known intended for his book " The Great Gatsby. " After reaching success, this individual struggled with alcoholism and died at the age of 44. " The Ice Palace” appeared in the May 1920, and represents an early Fitzgerald work. The story is all about 19 yr old Sally Carrol Happer, a southern young lady, who fall in love with the northerner Harry Bellamy. She is bored by her unchanging environment and decides to go to the North, to her fiancée. When she arrived, she feels everything differs from what she was expected. She feels cold and uncomfortable. Towards the end she results home towards the south. At the beginning of the storyline the author received acquainted all of us with Sally Carrol, a typical southern lady. She is 19, she telephone calls herself " summer child” as she doesn't go well with cold. She loves Southern and her southern friends, but she wants to move places and discover people, her mind to grow and to live where things happen on a big scale. She gets that she is wasting herself in Tarleton and tied down there she'd get restless. The part of her makes her do crazy things. The girl with optimistic regarding her fiancée, northerner to whom he fulfilled up in Asheville and about life in the North, which the girl associates with intellectualism and personal progress. Harry Bellamy is known as a typical upper boy, he can tall, extensive and quick chap. When he is northerner, he includes a strong connection with his family members. He is set aside in revealing emotions. The story has a shape structure. That begins and ends practically in the same way. The story begins with Sally Carrol's sitting " up in her room window” and viewing Clark come to her. She actually is eating an apple. Clark invitations her to look swimming. The finish of the account is the same, but there may be some changes. This time she's eating a " green peach”.   And that is a symbol...


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