Within our modern capitalistic result-oriented culture we are faced with a constant enhance of interest about command. Everyone either aspires to become leader or is looking to find one. Explained this, could it be really easy for everyone to be a leader or not? Is leader send a God-given aptitude? Or is it just a matter of applying clinical techniques? Like in any a fortiori approach we certainly have first of all to consider the past. History has been sprinkled with great examples of leaders, exceptional human beings blessed with a natural aptitude to fully understand their instances, the nations they lead and even the earth. On one hand, we could compare wonderful leaders to great music artists, as well as leadership to fine art, but it may not be a total and thorough analysis. A great artist is actually a genius that through several techniques communicates himself as being a leader will need to. By the specific moment the word has been created the artist and the innovator start to vary. A masterpiece of artwork once finished turns into immutable although leadership should be exercised throughout the changing of time and situations. A good leader could not allow that either this individual or his leadership become exhibited in a museum or an art gallery in the desire that it can be appreciated simply by someone in present day or perhaps in the future. He has to exercise it over and over again, that is certainly the point where management becomes technology. Without a scientific approach, a mental and physical discipline made by schematized rules, an innovator would not manage to remain a trusted source for the people he has to lead. In conclusion, I consider management a sort of fine art, and the guru of great frontrunners could be when compared with Picasso's, Mozart's or Michelangelo's ones, yet leadership to become fruitful must be tamed tempered and communicated with technology. This is the only way to keep in ongoing contact the leader and the people his living is worth. Leader and leadership do not have purpose to are present with of people.


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