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Ella Jane Fitzgerald was born in Newport News, Virginia about April twenty fifth, 1917. The lady had a hard childhood that started with all the divorce of her parents and finished with the fatality of her mother Temperance Fitzgerald. At the age of 16, Ella made an appearance on the Apollo Cinema for " Amateur Nighttime. ” At the competition your woman was g going to dance, but on the last minute changed her act to vocal because of a past group's move routine. She won your competition and was hired simply by Chick Webb, who was a north american Jazz group leader during the time. Ella joined the music group and started making hits immediately. These kinds of hits consist of: " (If You Can't Sing It), You'll Have to Swing This, " and " Appreciate and Kisses. " Once she turned 21, noted, " A-Tisket, A-Tasket, ” which offered over a mil copies and was leading on the put charts of 17 weeks. Chick Webb died in 1935, as well as the band changed its name to " Ella Fitzgerald and Her Renowned Band. ” Ella Fitzgerald married twice. Once to Benny Kornegay, whom your woman found a new criminal record, and divorced him. Her second marriage was at 1947, to Ray Dark brown. They used a child and named him Ray Darkish Jr. Marrying Ray Dark brown helped get Ella connected to producer and manager Norman Granz, which then helped her get associated with the notorious Louis Armstrong. Continuing her music as the years passed; Ella was doing two shows a day in different urban centers. It was reducing her into the she was diagnosed with diabetes. Her diabetes did not boost and eventually the lady had both these styles her thighs amputated below the knees. Your woman died shortly in 1996, in her Beverly Slopes home. Although Ella Fitzgerald was a renowned singer at that time, she was often discriminated against as a result of her color. Although the lady was making hits, the lady was heard very rarely on the radio. There was a time in The hawaiian islands she was forced out of her airplane seat and generate way for a white few. Fitzgerald missed her concerts in Sydney and her manager Granz sued the airplane company. Ella...


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