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Government Agency: MECO (Manila Economic and Cultural Office) Philippine Representative Business office of Taiwan.

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I. Introduction

A. Origins and History of MECO

The Manila Economical and Ethnic Office (MECO), exercising delegated functions, is the Philippines' agent office in Taiwan. It was established in 1975 and it is organized as being a nonprofit and non-stock exclusive corporation beneath Philippine law.

B. About the Government

MECO encourages trade, investments, tourism, and labor, medical and ethnical cooperation with Taiwan. The MECO provides assistance to Filipinos in Taiwan and provides visas, legal and consular services. The MECO coordinates with the Philippine government agencies and the private sector to satisfy this require.

C. The Functions in the Administration

MECO has its head office in Makati Metropolis, Philippines, primary representative office in Taipei and file format offices in Taichung and Kaohsiung. MECO's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer will be Chairman Tomas I. Alcantara and its Citizen Representative and Managing Overseer in Taiwan is Ambassador Antonio I actually. Basilio.

Deb. Roles and Responsibilties

MECO's main function is to function as a liaison between the Filipinos and Taiwanese. They make sure that the relationship among Taiwan plus the Philippines is at good standing up at all times. MECO also confirms the Filipino government's dedication and advocation to serve Filipinos living and doing work in foreign countries.


A. ) Location and individuals in Charge

-- The people on top are Chairman Perez and Ambassador Basilio. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer are Chairman Tomas I. Alcantara and its Resident Representative and Managing Director in Taiwan is Legate Antonio We. Basilio. --

B. ) Why was it made?

- It was established to carry on relations with Taiwan following China was recognized as the legal associated with the China people. This made Taiwan sort of a non Country. As long as that about economic relations it is ok with China and tiawan C. ) What is its primary aim?

Primary Target of Meco

-is to promote economic associations like trade, investments, labor and tourism

III. Eyesight

A. ) MECO's Eyesight

-to end up being the primary device for endorsing beneficial contact between the Philippines and Taiwan. B. ) Long Term Goals

-to improve the potential of the economic relations, because now were the 5th largest trading spouse B. ) Short term desired goals

-Make meco an effective org so that it can deliver and stay effective to its requirement, and to have the ability to perform its role in government, because the DFA will not entirely do this with Taiwan. C. ) Overall objective

-Exactly just like the Long Term goal, to be an efficient institution that serves its cause.

IV. Mision

A. ) Legal Services

-Consular services just like issuing to Taiwanese visitors to the Thailand, issuing and renewing given for Filipinos in Taiwan, Marriage records, Police Measurement, when Filipinos in Taiwan get into difficulties MECO makes sure they obtain legal support.

B. ) Other Solutions


For anyone who is a Taiwanese and you want to go to the Korea, meco products you with a visa with approval in the dfa, as well for Filipinos like passport renewal


Talk to airlines, travel companies to cause them to become have more routes and to coordinate travel deals, approach market to straight advertise

-Trade and Investment

Meco has an officer from the dti, meco supports his or her activities, facilitates trade and investments with Taiwan, and participates in trade exhibitions in Taiwan and the Korea

- Assitance to Nationals

Filipinos in Taiwan who run afoul from the law or has instances against his or her employer, meco...


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