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TOPIC: Head Drain

LOCATION: Negative

GROUP LEADER: Katrina Michelle L. De Guzman

MEMBERS: Steve Michael Musni

Arems Allen Salonga


The Philippines shed nine more highly-skilled workers to offshore companies that offer higher incomes, separate information said about Saturday.

The losing of highly-skilled workers or ‘brain drain' provides posed problems for officials and policy markers in light of the change migration of expatriates. Senate President Pro Tempore Rob G. Recto said that one more PAG-ASA forecaster left the Philippine's " area of responsibility” to operate Congo. Recto identified the forecaster since Ricky Fabregas, who was provided a P100, 000 a month salary to create his experience to the African country. Meanwhile, the Air travel Operators Authorities reported the fact that Ninoy Aquino International Airport features lost ten aerobridge workers, who retired after they were offered the same job with higher pay in airports in Doha, Qatar. The aerobridge providers, whose key task is always to operate the tubes that ferries the passengers in the plane for the terminal, and vice-versa,  were reportedly offered P80, 000 per month. Dante Basanta, NAIA port 1 administrator, said that the NAIA terminals have 24 professional aerobridge operators who also receive P13, 000/month which includes their cost of living allowance (cola). But with the resignation of the eight operators, the air-port management has no other option but to retain the services of more aerobridge operators intended for training to fill the gap remaining by the retired operators. " We are worried what may happen to each of our aircraft if trainees will handle the operations”, exactly like what happened to China Flight companies almost a month ago when ever trainee inadvertently miscalculated and bumped the plane's door that induced about $1,000,000 to $3million damage” explained one affiliate, who rejected to be recognized. The Manila International Airport Specialist must act now regarding this matter, ” the AOC stated. Recto, in the meantime, expressed worries that in the rate weather forecasters happen to be leaving the region,  the Philippines may well end up " with no 1 alarming us that a typhoon is arriving. ” " If the is actually in the wait of the relieve of the benefits associated with PAGASA persons, then I am confident which the DBM, staying the main preacher of the gospel against red tape, will handle it soonest. ” Recto said that based on the 2013 budget, the amount of money for Hazard Pay and the Magna Epistola for Research and Technology, or RA 8439, the two allowances PAGASA personnel assert they are entitled to receive, is there. Pertaining to Hazard Spend, the bureaucracy-wide budget this year is P51. 8 mil while that for RA 8439 benefits is P183. 7 mil.  This kind of excludes threat pay for the military and uniformed employees. For next year, the total share for Risk Pay raises to P832 million, plus the Magna Carta for Scientific research and Technology benefits to P224. 6 million. Severo, however , stated that the government added into the 2014 budget 4 new " hazard and hardship” allowances for civilian employees. These are the hazard duty pay (P1. a few billion), high-risky duty pay out (P893, 000), " harmful duty pay” (P586 million) and the special hardship allowance” (P1. 17 billion). " I believe the reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling and right-sizing of the risk pay allocations stem from your redefinition of what constitutes a hazard. As well as the creation of " distinct shades” of hazard pay out should be welcome by individuals in high-risk jobs, ” Recto stated. " Thus I hope the perennial reimbursement issues faced with personnel in PAGASA and similar organizations will be fixed by the fresh allocations in 2014, ” he added. Recto warned that in the event the compensation issue is certainly not solved the coming year, he would summon to the Senate all the stakeholders, and ask these people for a answer, if necessary, in order to prevent the reduction of technological people who focus on " mission critical posts” such as air flow traffic remotes.

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