The poem does not rhyme but the poet person has used repeating to slower the composition down and make the target audience feel the heaviness of cardiovascular system that the poet feels. The poet uses similes and metaphors throughout the poem such as when he says ‘I have discovered to wear many faces like dresses' suggesting different expression for different situations. The poet person has used a very strong metaphor when he publishes articles that his laugh inside the mirror is usually ‘like a snakes bare fangs'. A snake is commonly used in mythology and fairy tales to describe evil, insincerity and duplicity. This shows that when he fun you see the teeth and laugh but his intentions are also insincere and dishonest. The poet Gabriel Okara uses this composition to convey his feelings regarding the loss of traditional African tradition against western influences. The overall theme of this composition is about happier times eliminated past and hopes for a cheerful ending, which is why the article writer longs for, as in a fairy tale and then the use of ‘ONCE UPON A TIME' while the title of the poem. several stanzas each containing among four and eight lines. The title with this poem ‘Once upon a time' straight away makes you feel as if you ready back in time, it also makes you feel as though what happened was obviously a fairy tale but it will surely never happen again. I think that the poet has used this kind of title to make the reader think as though what he will go through i. elizabeth. what this individual experienced will not ever happen again and when a person scans the title it is going to make him feel as if he's about to examine fairy tale. In stanza one particular Gabriel Okara writes ‘Once upon a moment, son', so when he creates son that shows that he's talking to his son or perhaps someone who is younger than him likely to be in his child years days. That's exactly what writes ‘they used to chuckle with their minds, and chuckle with their eyes', by stating ‘used to' shows that it happened in the past and does not happen today and he says that ahead of people will laugh with their hearts and would seriously laugh away of happiness...


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