With elegant gold and silver path, splendid ghost will make it foretold, the best gate may possibly still it stand for its memories because strong since sun, It was the Dentro, the splendid Dentro, the old Manila. The center of trade, religion, brotherhood, the home for the royalties, the top class, the rich types. It when stood nonetheless firm like this of Great Wall of China and tiawan, its remembrances will permanently remain to the people who felt the battling and soreness, this positioned marks a history of our extremely great country. Along the pavements of Travesia Real right now there still continue to be a family in whose art can be fame, the Marasigan Family. Candida and Paula the daughters of Don Lorenzo (the artist) remains of Intramuros with the father. Remarkably, Bitoy the son of their father's extremely good friend appeared, Candida and Paula sensed so interested with the return of Bitoy. The three in that case talked about the younger memories that they had, how much that they adored the Friday " tertulias”, nonetheless it was no more. Candida and Paula could hardlyt recognize the fact that Bitoy is currently a developed man, who before that they only come with him to the small place, and added by the reality they already arrived at the particular extreme significantly age. Paula and Yeast infection showed Bitoy the painting of their father, the splendid masterpiece painted by way of a father for these people, the peculiar thing about the piece of art is that it shows the burning city of Troy, which has a man carrying an old gentleman, on which the 2 men presents their father, he is transporting himself also, and behind them is the losing city. It had been magnificent because Bitoy defined it, Yeast then advised him regarding the several media men and artist visiting and look for their dad's painting. Paula then asked if Bitoy is one of these but he admitted it true, yet his conscience were clean. Bitoy in that case talked to Don Lorenzo, but informing him that he simply came to go to, that he was not one of the media men who also only after's to buy the painting or perhaps ask for an interview. Don Lorenzo was delighted, and he even...


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