1 . Develop the CPM network referred to by the subsequent set of actions, compute the size of each course in the network, and show the important path.

|Activity |Time (weeks) | |1 [pic] 2 |5

|1 [pic] 3 |4

|2 [pic] some |3

|3 [pic] 4 |6

installment payments on your Construct the CPM network described by the following pair of activities, compute the length of every single path in the network, and indicate the critical course.

|Activity |Time (weeks) | |1 [pic] 2 |3

|1 [pic] 3 |7

|2 [pic] 4 |2

|3 [pic] 4 |5

|3 [pic] 5 |6

|4 [pic] 6th |1

|5 [pic] 6 |4

3. Construct the CPM network described by the following group of activities, calculate the length of every path in the network, and indicate the critical path.

|Activity |Time (months) | |1 [pic] 2 |4

|1 [pic] a few |7

|2 [pic] 4 |8

|2 [pic] five |3

|3 [pic] 5 |9

|4 [pic] five |5

|4 [pic] 6 |2

|5 [pic] 6 |6

|3 [pic] 6 |5

4. Given the following network with activity instances in several weeks, determine the earliest and newest activity start times and slack for each activity. Indicate the essential path as well as the project timeframe. [pic]

5. In one of the little-known battles with the Civil Warfare, General Tecumseh Beauregard misplaced the Third Fight of Half truths Run because his arrangements were not full when the adversary attacked. If the critical course method had been available, the typical could have prepared better. Suppose that the following planning network with activity occasions in times had been available. Determine the earliest and most recent activity times, and activity slack intended for the network. Indicate the critical way and the time passed between the general's receipt of battle orders and the onset of battle. [pic]

6. A group of developers is definitely building a new shopping center. A consultant for the designers has created the following job network and assigned activity times in weeks. Identify the earliest and latest activity times, activity slack, important path, and duration to get the project. [pic]

several. A farmville farm owner is likely to erect a maintenance building with a attaching electrical generator and water tank. The activities, activity descriptions and estimated durations are given in the following stand. Construct the network just for this project, recognize the critical path and determine the project duration time. |Activity |Activity Explanation |Activity Predecessor|Activity Duration (weeks) | |A |Excavate |- |2 | |B |Erect building |A |6 | |C |Install generator |A |4 | |D |Install tank |A |2 | |E |Install maintenance gear |B...


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