Super-size you

Morgan Spurlock surrender himself simply by only eating food from Mc Donald's for 30 days. If a saleswoman asks him to buy supersize he may not reject. He likewise limits him self to walk 5000 measures a day. With this documantery he really wants to experience the daily-life of an obese American and to examine the big influence in the fast-food companies. In contrast to the 100 million obese Americans, Morgan is usually surrounded by three medics who also help him during this exploration. After thirty days the result is shocking: Morgan altered from a cheerful, healthy person to a depressed, unhealthy obese cliГ«nt. The experiment will not only confirm the physical but as well the mental effects of fast-food. Supersize Me is not only a documentary yet also a rise ? mutiny against the highly effective fast-food sectors.

The documentary starts with a court action against Mc Donalds. Two girls possess prosecuted Mc Donalds for being the cause of their obesity. The 2 girls misplaced the claim simply because there was not enough evidence that their obesity was caused by Mc Donalds. The judges stated: ‘If the attorneys can prove that by eating Mc Donalds foodstuff every meal of the day can be extremely dangerous, they may be maybe capable of win what he claims. ' Morgan Spurlock is going to find out if Mc Donalds actually is that bad as the two girls claim.

The results after 30 days: Morgan obtained 11, 14 kilograms, his liver converted too fat*, the total fat raised from 11% to 18% and he sensed depressed. Exactly why is fast-food bad for your health?

Because there are not enough lipase nutrients to digest all the excess fat in the fast-food, all the superfluous fats will be stored under your skin which causes overweight. When the liver gets body fat, your cholesterol level improves. Cholesterol is a fat content in your bloodstream, when you have a higher cholesterol the blood vessels narrow. As a result the blood pressure raises as well, as well as the chance of getting a hart desease increases. Fast-food does not contain a lot of aminoacids. Because aminoacids provide the...


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