There are plenty of designs present in the novel Chrysalids, but the one particular major motif being the prejudice against deviation. Mcdougal is saying that whenever we may fit in, horrible consequences can arise. The majority are judged simply by appearance, but when David plus the others skills are found out, they must nonetheless hide and appear to fit in. The purity and meaning of man is possibly all the Waknuk people love to be sure you will discover no deviations present. Sophie, her buddies, and any imperfect fresh borns happen to be perfect examples in stating this.

Sophie is not the only one that suffers from her deformity, as her is in a constant struggle to maintain her extra toe a secret from your Waknuk people. " Oh, My poor darling! ” she said holding and kissing her. (page 10) Then your woman added: " He's viewed it? ” (page 10). This quote entails how careful persons in Waknuk are about others discovering secrets of the loved ones. Essentially, Sophie's mother was certainly concerned on her but as well had a strong concern if David heard bout her extra toe. " Well, this provides the secret, David. Nobody else must know about this. You will be the only person who does, except her dad and me. Nobody otherwise must know. No one at all—not ever. ” (page 12) In this quote Sophie's mother can not pressure enough how important it is to make certain none from the others find out due to their 'laws' of Waknuk. In the sight of all the 'normal' people, deviations are atrocite and are the creation of the devil. The meaning of guy and need for purity are stressed by a young grow older, being drilled into their mind not to agree to anyone however the people that they see while normal.

There are numerous laws in Waknuk to make sure no deviants are present, one being that all

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children are inspected when they are born to confirm they are in God's picture. " When a child doesn't come within just it then it isn't human which means it will not have a soul. ” (page 65) This quotation is describing how quick...


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