Irwin Shaw's short story " The Girls in Their Summertime Dresses" is all about a couple's marriage at risk. The man in the relationship, Eileen, desires different women. His wife, Frances, knows this and is uncertain of her thoughts in their committed relationship. Eileen and Frances are ruining their marriage. Both of them will vary attitudes and expectations for any committed romance therefore bringing about a declining marriage.

Michael wants other women regardless of the reality he is engaged. This is displayed in the tale when he is usually eying various other women usually that his wife realizes it. When ever Michael and his wife happen to be walking straight down Eighth Streets, he perceives a woman that may be so very she may " break [his] the neck and throat. " (p. 1) Frances thinks she has " not really pretty enough to take a chance of disregarding [his] neck. " (p. 1) This proves that he is continuously looking at different women facing his wife. Michael thinks what it would be like if this individual were free of charge. When he great wife are discussing this issue, he cowardly admits that he " sometimes [feels he] want to be free" (p. 4) after his wife has to pry it of him by begging him to " inform the truth. " (p. 4) This implies that the thought of getting free features crossed his mind. Michael says that a person day he might make a move about other girls. After, Frances implies that her husband is definitely " going to make a move" (p. 4), he response that he "[doesn't] know" (p. 5) if he can, however , your woman thinks or else. He foi that "[he does] know. " (p. 5) Upon realizing her husband's intentions, she changes her prospect about the partnership.

Frances is ambig about her relationship with Michael. In the beginning she wants to be by itself with him but at the conclusion of their dialogue, she doesn't. The Stevenson's invite them to spend the day in the country, nevertheless , Frances " wants [her husband] to talk only to [her] and pay attention only to [her]" (p. 1) for that day time because the girl claims that they can never see each other. Naturally fact, right at the end of the conversation...


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