Title: Precisely what are the advantages and disadvantages of employing internet anonymously? Internet independence is a controversial issue currently, and there are several findings found that using internet without authorized their actual name can cause some critical problems since cyber bullying, stealing or perhaps intimidating seeing that users do not need to have virtually any responsibility by what they said. Yet , using internet anonymously are usually some positive aspects which gives an essential protection to internet users. In this post, the advantages and drawbacks will be mentioned. Using net anonymously gives some advantages to some internet users. First, it could protect users' privacy in an effective method. In this period of technology advancement, online social network platform like facebook or twitter, that required users to upload their personal data and keep a great eternal record. It is a irony of the use of social network platform that those records may be used within a commercial method without users' authorization. This process is taking our information and invading our level of privacy in a greyish zone. Employing internet anonymously can help guarding user's info. According to Andrea (2013, P. 32), privacy is similar to human proper, which must be protected preferentially. Therefore , anonymously using internet is a approach to protect users' information to never be released. Also prevent that users' information are not used in a profitable method or an illegal way. Secondly, anonymously giving a comment to some crucial issues or perhaps controversial subject areas can also guard users to never be traceable. Andrea (2013) noted that for some people who do not desire to use their particular real name for offering some monetary gift, not utilizing their real identity is their very own privilege to accomplish this. Some of the users tend to comment on some issues in a important way and aggressive method, if employing internet demands them to sign-up their genuine name, hence, users who have gave hard comments might be investigated their responsibility, and users after that may...


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