The statement has been designed to reflect a number of the basic issues covered beneath the " Seed money Management” of Hindalco Industrial sectors Ltd., a first truly MNC in India. All the aspects have been completely formulated and presented on the basis of the concepts and information gathered by the investigator during the span of project schooling. This gives a practical exposure of the content underneath topic, what has already been studied in class in assumptive form.

This record has been drafted in response to comprehensive research conducted on the topic. The reports mentions and examines various aspects, pertaining to the working capital administration of the firm.

After having a thorough evaluation of various information and stand figures, a set of conclusion has been produced the prime factors, while obtaining the record and are respected and traditional.

We make certain that anyone who undergoes the record will learn just how much we have discovered so intended for, and can find the benefit of the same.


Within an organization, whether it be an industry, a college or society, no effects can be achieved by one guy working in isolation. It's always a bunch working and having the outcome in totality. It is the outcome of all of the guidance and support that I received out of this organization. I might take this opportunity to acknowledge a debt of deep appreciation to many people for their valuable assistance and continuous support during the course of my personal Summer Internship Program.

All of us convey each of our sincere thanks to Mr. S i9000. K. Dasjenige, General Administrator (Training) for allowing us to go after summer training in this exclusive organization.

We are also grateful to Mister. Ajay Joshi, Vice President (Finance & Account), and other users of the accounts department to get providing required help whenever required for the completion of the project.

Our company is thankful to the guide Mister. Vimal Raheja, for his valuable advice and his precious time he dedicated for coaching us, with no which this kind of project probably would not have been powerful.

We are as well thankful for the librarian intended for allowing us access to beneficial journals and reports which will gave life-blood to our project.

Last, although not the least, we would like to appreciate our start for rendering us an opportunity to work with these kinds of a esteemed organization.





Hindalco Industries Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. G. D. Birla and Mr. Aditya Birla, Our starting fathers.

We live by their values.

Sincerity, Commitment, Passion, Seamlessness and Speed.

Table of Content material

Chairman's Foreword6

Profile with the company

➢ Introduction7

➢ History 8

➢ Perspective, Mission & Values twelve

➢ Prizes and Recognitions 12

Merchandise Profile

• Indian Beginnings 14

• Joint Venture 12-15

• Intercontinental Companies 12-15

• Aluminium 18

• Copper nineteen • Mines20

• Development Capacity21

• Share Of Net Sales22

Structure of Finance Department 24

Management Team 25

Accounting policy27

Working Capital

➢ Current Resources 32

➢ Current Liabilities 33

➢ Purpose Of Operating Capital33

➢ Classification of Working Capital thirty four

❖ Major Working Capital35

❖ Net Working Capital thirty-five

❖ Long term Working Capital thirty five

❖ Short-term Working Capital thirty eight

➢ Working Capital Cycle thirty seven

➢ Trade Off Between Earnings & Risks38

➢ Determinants of Working Capital at Hindalco 39 ➢ Estimating...


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